Starline is a casual puzzle game in which you connect stars of 4 colors.


How to play

It's easy to play. Trace three or more stars of the same color in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to make the stars disappear and turn into points.

Normal Mode
★Normal mode has overall 12 stages, and When you reach the stage's needed number of points - stage clear!
★Connect a lot of stars with one move to receive a high number of points. How much can be connected - give yourself a challenge.
Extra Mode
★an extra stage will be released if the stage 5 is cleared!
★In the the extra stage, if you erase a star, remaining time will increase. So let's challenge how much you can play!
★Interaction with Game Centers through the game is possible, so compete against users from the whole world with your highscore.
★There are 23 goals to achieve, challenge them.

Special Thanks

★Music Provider

TAM Music Factory (

★Background Graphic Provider



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  • You can post high score on Twitter and LINE!
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